Saturday, March 04, 2006

because noone reads this, i am free to say what i want.

so there was this woman in the bar tonight.
olderish, but still hot. drunk as a sailor on shore leave. burnt down to core-functionality-only drunk. her friends had ditched her at some unspecified time earlier in the evening, but she was undeterred, still going strong.
i hadn't been working for a while, so i don't know anything about what she did before last call. kevin and martha were about, a rare and precious gift, and we were sitting on the couches by the fire, talking about this and that. martha and i got into something or other, and kerry-with-a-k came over to talk with kevin.
she was married, two kids, as later came out, when she decided to lay some truth on us, or something very like it (i'm sure it made sense in her head, and perhaps was quite subtle, but i'm getting ahead of myself). well-off, nicely put together, and trying to get laid.
she took a shine to each of us in turn. for my own part, i was unwilling to ask the question she told me to ask when it was mine to ask. it would have amused me to fuck her, but it wasn't convenient, and i'm not so hard up these days that it mattered much to me either way. probably better all around, as i was the only one underattached, and, as such, the only one likely to take her up on her offer.
i thought about it though, and under different circumstances i might've chosen differently. mostly i found her antics amusing. she was there because the staff assumed she was mine, when in fact she'd just happened along at the right moment to avoid being kicked out when the bar closed. i'd've been gone myself, but i had a new barback, and wanted to make sure everything went smoothly. i'd rather've been gone, back to my apartment to hang out with kevin and martha, but my responsibilities, or at least my working definition of what they ought to be, kept me at the bar, at least until close, after which there was kerry-with-a-k, whom kevin and martha thought i was serious about fucking, at least until it was too late for it to matter if we stayed or went, so we stayed.
in the end, kevin and martha left for the airport, and daniel and andrew went home for the night. when kerry-with-a-k came out of the bathroom, i called her a cab, waited with her until it came, and went home.
and here i am.