Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Note to Clarion West Hopefuls

I see from my sitemeter that a lot of y'all are checking in here because of the post-script to my Clarion announcement. Hi, and welcome. Hope you stick around to check out some posts.

As far as Clarion West goes, what little insight I have into where things stand I will offer here. I got a call on Monday, as I mentioned. The woman with whom I spoke told me she'd meant to call me over the weekend, but hadn't been able to. So they had at least their preliminary list put together then. I'd gotten my email from Clarion a week before, but hadn't notified Clarion West because I was convinced I had hallucinated the whole thing, or would somehow manage to screw it up in the interim (yes, I'm a little off my rocker, which is one of the reasons I want to be a writer when I grow up), and I didn't want to jinx anything. Once I'd got the email from Clarion confirming it, I emailed Clarion West and withdrew my candidacy. Shortly after, I got the call. The lady who called me did not seem to know that I had withdrawn from consideration, which makes sense, since it literally was a matter of minutes.

And that's pretty much that. I hope it helps. And that y'all get in, and that it's all you hoped it would be and more. Whatever happens, keep writing, and do it for love.

Confidential to SWB: Yeah, I'm a him, and thank you.


osomuerte said...

Thought you were a him. I've been all over the net chasing down rumors and lost track of who was what.

The bad news seems to be out for CW, so the good can only follow. Thanks for the insight. I was a no, as I was slowly realizing already. But life goes on.

Good luck at Clarion!


dallas taylor said...

Thanks, man. Better luck next time. Keep writing.