Wednesday, November 03, 2010

More Hilarious Irony, a Response to Someone's Facebook Post

Q:  It's November 3rd and I'm so disgusted I could spit.  So many things yesterday went horribly, horribly wrong.  WTF is wrong with people???

A:  Congressional Blue Dogs prevented the stimulus from being large enough, and diverted too large a percentage of it to tax cuts, which had the overall effect of stopping the economy's slide into Depression but not reversing the momentum.  As a result, unemployment remained high, even as the economy began to grow again and more private sector jobs were created than in the entirety of the Bush Administration.  Unfortunately, it wasn't enough, and in the face of persistent unemployment and economic uncertainty, the electorate did what they always do, which is punish the party in power.  In a hilariously ironic twist, the majority of Dems who lost their congressional seats were the aforementioned Blue Dogs, whose conservative voting records and philosophical bent did nothing to save them from the monster they created and then failed to appease.

Also, a bunch of white folks freaked out because we have a Black President.

(hat tip Kristina for the prompt)

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