Thursday, November 04, 2010

Something I've Noticed

When Republicans win, by whatever margin, it is not only a mandate from the people, but God's will, and everyone who thinks otherwise can go suck it, and shut up, that's why.

When Democrats win, by whatever margin, it is evidence not only of voter fraud, but the hijacking of our great nation by dangerous, un-American forces bent on destroying everything the Founding Fathers stood for, and Republicans and their associated cadres of Libertarians, militiamen, and now Tea Partiers have not only the right but the absolute obligation to do everything in their power, to lie, cheat, threaten, and kill if need be, in order to take their country back.


Jed said...

Looks like Keith Olberman is out of work for a spell...fill in the blanks Dallas.

dallas taylor said...

That's what he gets for donating to political campaigns. Funny when you consider that Fox News gave the Republican Governors Association $1.25 million this year (compared to Olbermann's $7200). But then, I guess when you aren't a real news organization, your ethical standards can be little more lax.