Monday, October 05, 2009

Heartwarming Coming Out Story

Here, at Daily Kos. Worth a read, and a real reminder that the Culture War the reactionaries on the right are waging is a war they're bound to lose, because they're wrong.

The lesson is it's easy to hate on folks you never have to see, or talk to, or get to know, but once they become people, and not just a category, then that knee-jerk hatred is a lot harder to maintain. It's just a lot harder to be a dick to real people than it is to hate on somebody you never met for something they can't help. Sure, it's easy enough to be a dick to someone in person if they're a dick to you first, or just by nature, but if you really hate on someone for something they have no control over (sexual orientation, color of skin, gender, ethnicity), then it's you there's something wrong with, not them.

(hat tip to Glenn Greenwald)

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